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Deco Reflecting

Observed on 16th Street, between T and U Street:

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Hancock Tower Still Lifes

In putting together collections of my favorite Boston photos for the end of the year roundup, I realized that the Hancock Tower featured prominently (pun intended). Here’s a year of Hancock Tower photos. Through a Glass, Darkly: Tower in the … Continue reading

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All Lit Up

At 14th and Champa, Denver, CO:

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What Is the City…

…but the people? We bring you the Municipal Office Building, Denver, CO:

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Tower in the Clouds

The John Hancock Tower, Back Bay, Boston:

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Tulips, Cloistered

Observed at 29A Chestnut Street, Beacon Hill: The building on the right (27 Chestnut Street) was formerly the Robinson Chapel of Boston University School of Theology until 1965 when it was converted into condos.

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So What Is More Depressing?

Building one: Which is now home to this: Or building two: Yes, the Gallery at the Historic Museum of Natural History is now a Restoration Hardware (previously, it was occupied by Louis Boston). Discuss.

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New England Power

One of the fortunate things about Boston–and I think this largely accidental–is that it was spared from many of the architectural monstrosities of the 1950s and 1960s (the utter destruction of the West End being the obvious exception). With that … Continue reading

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The Stupidest Building Name in Boston Is…

…The Newbry. It’s just craptacular. It used to be called the New England Life building, as it was the home of New England Life Insurance (originally it was an MIT building; MIT was located in Back Bay originally, and then … Continue reading

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The Inspiration of Gothic Architecture

There are several reasons why Gothic architecture isn’t appreciated. First, most of it is physically very old, and in less than good repair–most of us have never seen it when it’s new and shiny. Second, a fair amount of Gothic … Continue reading

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