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So Let’s Say We Find a ‘Superbug’ In the Food Supply…

…now what? When I’m not blogging or fighting crime, one of the things I do is worry (along with some science!) about the spread of antibiotic resistance. The U.S. government has several programs that monitor the spread of antibiotic resistance, … Continue reading

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More Not-Good News About CREs

I’m old enough to remember when we used to say things like, “We are nearing a time when we won’t be able to treat infections with any antibiotic.” Well, this report out of Italy tells us that time has arrived … Continue reading

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Why Antibiotic Resistance Should Be An Adjective Not A Noun

Eli Perencevich notes that we’re underestimating the effect of healthcare-associated infections (boldface mine): The CDC estimates that 23,000 deaths are caused by antibiotic resistant pathogens annually and as many as 14,000 of these deaths are linked to C. difficile. Every … Continue reading

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Lots to Like About Obama’s Antibiotic Resistance Initiative, But Something Is Missing

Mostly missing. I’ll take Obama’s initiative to combat antibiotic resistance–there’s a lot of good stuff in there, though, as always, on certain regulatory issues (e.g., reducing antibiotic use in agriculture, and reporting standards for antibiotic use in the NHSN) the … Continue reading

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Why Phage Therapy Hasn’t Been Widely Adopted: It’s Not a Technological Problem

Azeen Ghorayshi has a very good article about phage therapy–the use of bacterial viruses to treat bacterial infections (the bacterial viruses only infect bacterial, not human cells). There’s a long history of using phage to stop bacterial disease (d’Herelle’s use … Continue reading

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Let’s Not Forget That Bacteria Kill Too: The Jordanian Edition

What with Ebolanoia at full tilt, we should remember that there are other, equally serious microbiological problems we face. Such as antibiotic resistant bacteria (boldface mine): “We’ve been noticing an organism, E. coli,” Bakri said. “Many patients come with urinary-tract … Continue reading

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Antibiotic Resistance Lands on the Political Agenda

Yesterday, the Obama Administration announced a bunch of executive actions it will be taking to combat antibiotic resistance, in conjunction with the release of the PCAST Report on Combating Antibiotic Resistance. One interesting thing is an emphasis on surveillance, including … Continue reading

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