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Does Toronto’s Rob Ford Need a Defense Minister?

If he does, Paul Hellyer, former Canadian defense minister seems like the right guy for the job (boldface mine): I don’t want to disturb what you’re doing right now, but apparently four different species of aliens have been visiting Earth … Continue reading

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Did Romney Steal the GOP Nomination?

Since it’s Election Day and not much to do except vote (and, well, live), let’s talk about electoral fraud. Not the type that Republicans have been caterwauling about (and which essentially doesn’t exist), but good ol’ fashioned cooking the books. … Continue reading

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Say hello to the New England Aquarium’s upside down jellyfish: I think it’s fascinating that the jellyfish pulse, even though they’re not swimming. Very hypnotic.

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Rick Perry’s Texas Miracle Has a Slight Documentation Problem

Republican Texas governor and presidential hopeful Rick Perry has touted Texas’ economic growth and job creation. Just one little problem (boldface mine): •Of jobs created in Texas since 2007, 81 percent were taken by newly arrived immigrant workers (legal and … Continue reading

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A Question About ‘Olive Americans’

Looks alien to me. Space alien.
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I, For One, Welcome Our Gammaproteobacterial Arsenic-Using Overlords: Why Old School Microbiology Still Matter

This paper demonstrates the need for culturing organisms. That’s something we should emphasize when we train students and post-docs.
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Sheila Bair, Geithner, and the Acceptance of Male Hysteria

The girl was smarter than the scared boys.
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