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Links 10/22/14

Links for you. Science: Doing Diligence to Assess the Risks and Benefits of Life Sciences Gain-of-Function Research In The Ebola Fight, A Defense Of Embattled CDC Chief Thomas Frieden (worth noting that if Texas Presbyterian hadn’t fucked up, we wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Louise Hand Laundry

Observed on 12th Street, between O and P, Logan Circle, D.C.: You can read more about the history of the building here and here.

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The 100 Percent Fallacy and the Costs of Our Ebola Panic

Paul Waldman makes an excellent point about our Ebola hysteria‚Äďand it is a panic (boldface mine): But Murphy is right in that Ebola is producing some of the same insane overreactions that terrorism did and continues to do. That “We … Continue reading

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Links 10/21/14

Links for you. Science: Why Bats Are Such Good Hosts for Ebola and Other Deadly Diseases Fight fear of Ebola with the facts (maybe infectious disease specialist Besser should have been CDC director instead?) The Origami Condom and NIH Ebola … Continue reading

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Loukanikos, Dog of Freedom, R.I.P.

We did have a soft spot for Louk, so we are greatly saddened by this announcement: Like all legends, Loukanikos appeared out of nowhere. It was December 2008, and Athens had been in upheaval for two weeks after the killing of … Continue reading

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Why We Need Teacher Tenure: Because Protecting Children Shouldn’t Be a Firing Offense

A while ago, I wrote about how elementary school teachers in Holyoke, MA were being told to use public disclosure of test scores to ‘encourage’ better performance. Because humiliating children is a great way to make kids hate learning. Or … Continue reading

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Links 10/20/14

Links for you. Science: One more question, Dr. Frieden: 11 things we’d like to know about the new Ebola case Here’s What It Looks Like When Ebola Fear Comes to the Heartland Lax U.S. Guidelines on Ebola Led to Poor … Continue reading

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