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Links 10/24/14

Links for you. Science: White House suspends enhanced pathogen research From the comments, on a fusion reactor The evidence on travel bans for diseases like Ebola is clear: they don’t work Ebola: What Should We Do Now? Epidemiologist Larry Brilliant … Continue reading

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Rose At Dusk

With all of the New York City Ebola-related madness, here’s a quiet image for you (observed on 16th Street, Northwest D.C.): And a closeup:

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It’s Not Treason When They Do It

I realize the Secret Service is having a tough time of things lately, but this seems worthy of a personal visit (boldface mine): In a Facebook post last week, Jefferson County Recorder of Deeds Debbie Dunnegan referred to Obama as … Continue reading

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Links 10/23/14

Links for you. Science: Congressional Ebola debate invokes PLOS paper Ebola Is Coming. A Travel Ban Won’t Stop Outbreaks In setback for Ebola vaccine, company says work will take longer than hoped Jack the Ripper: Scientists who claims to have … Continue reading

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The Question That Needs to Be Asked of the Ebola Fear Mongers

It is this: Have your had your flu shot? Between norovirus and winter vomiting disease, we’re going to have a lot of false alarms, if the hysterical reaction to Ebola right now is any guide. The fewer people coming down … Continue reading

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Ebola and the Trauma of TV

In a recent column, David Brooks made a good point… [throws up in mouth, rinses with water] In a recent column, David Brooks mad a good point [cough, cough] about the role the constant news cycle plays in stoking fear … Continue reading

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Links 10/22/14

Links for you. Science: Doing Diligence to Assess the Risks and Benefits of Life Sciences Gain-of-Function Research In The Ebola Fight, A Defense Of Embattled CDC Chief Thomas Frieden (worth noting that if Texas Presbyterian hadn’t fucked up, we wouldn’t … Continue reading

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