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Links 3/5/15

Links for you. Science: First detailed microscopy evidence of bacteria at the lower size limit of life What’s Been Cooking for Ion At AGBT15 Mandatory Ebola Quarantines Were Counterproductive, Not To Mention Immoral Why racism is not backed by science … Continue reading

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Something You Probably Didn’t Know About Scott Walker

This man is considered presidential material: Walker idolizes Reagan. Every year, on their wedding anniversary, Walker and his wife celebrate Reagan’s birthday by serving (according to Walker’s memoirs) “macaroni and cheese casserole, and red, white, and blue Jelly Belly jelly … Continue reading

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The Slow Squeezing of the Security State: The Library of Congress Edition

A few years ago, I had occasion to visit the Harvard Medical School Library–the building with all of the cool stuff. Getting in wasn’t a problem, but leaving involved a lot of security–they didn’t want a lot of people wandering … Continue reading

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Links 3/4/15

Links for you. Science: New Mexico museum scuttles Darwin events after creationists demand ‘intelligent design’ coverage (is it me, or do engineers seem disproportionately involved in this kind of stupidity?) Scientists reveal the real reason you have eyelashes A Clownish … Continue reading

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The Soon Scandal Is Very Spiro Agnew

And for those of you who don’t know who Spiro Agnew was, this is what I’m referring to. Recently, I asked this about the scandal enveloping climate change denier Dr. Willie Soon and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophyics: …what the … Continue reading

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The Need to Characterize ‘Near’ Missing Diversity: A Comment on the Subway Microbiome Paper

I’m a few weeks late to the subway microbiome paper which, in internet time is decades, but I’ve noticed two things are missing in the commentary. Before I get to those issues, one of the advantages of being behind the … Continue reading

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Links 3/3/15

Links for you. Science: Libraries of Life Lab In Berkeley Accidentally Discovers Solution To Fix Color Blindness A New Name, and Wider Recognition, for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome New Species appropriately nicknamed ‘Sparklemuffin’ and ‘Skeletorus’ 10X Reveals Its Facets Other: Are … Continue reading

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