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Links 9/3/15

Links for you. Science: The True Story of Kudzu, the Vine That Never Truly Ate the South Tea Party supporters distrust scientists not only on climate, but on vaccines The Road to Hell is Paved with Bioinformatics Formats Simple & … Continue reading

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Observed Vermont Street between O and Logan Circle, D.C.:

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P-Hacking Is a Poor Reason For Replication Problems

With the recent release of the results from the Reproducibility Project–an effort to replicate 100 experimental findings in social psychology–there has been a lot of commentary and coverage about the finding that the majority of the studies failed to replicate. … Continue reading

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Links 9/2/15

Links for you. Science: Biologist Spots Rare Slimy Nautilus for First Time in 30 Years UC San Diego Program Readies Grad Students For Jobs Outside Academia Do Helix’s Numbers Work? Here’s what happens when you try to replicate climate contrarian … Continue reading

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Disease Outbreak?

Observed on Sheridan Circle, Kalorama, D.C.:

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Looking For Political Love In All The Wrong Places

Ed at Gin and Tacos makes an excellent point that I’ve been struggling to put into coherent words (boldface mine): One of the primary criticisms leveled at Sanders’ supporters is their reliance on the logic that while he might not … Continue reading

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Links 9/1/15

Links for you. Science: Scientists consider captive breeding program for enigmatic little walking fish Grantsmack: Overambitious In the US, computer science is (unfortunately) a privilege The growing global battle against blood-sucking ticks White sky at night not a city bird’s … Continue reading

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