Links 1/4/13

Links for you. Science:

Research To Suffer As Chicago’s Field Museum Of Natural History Redefines Its Mission
Norovirus deserves our respect
Making a Profit from Offering Ineffective Therapies to Cancer Patients
How a quarter of the cow genome came from snakes
A New Gene Therapy, an Old Hard Truth


She Can’t Sleep No More (excellent)
When you’ve got friends like this – Part 10
Rocketship: Poor Kids Don’t Deserve Music & Art!
Silencers: The NRA’s latest big lie–Silencers could give the next Adam Lanza even more time to kill — but to the NRA, they protect kids’ hearing
The year on the T: Only on the Green Line
Bespoke Red Line map (awesome–the T should find the creator and make it official)
Is Obama the Worst Legislative Negotiator of the Last Century?
The year on the T: Weirdness
The Moving Hack Writes, Ctd.
The year on the T: The kindness of strangers
America: Excelling at Mediocrity
The year on the T: Johnny get angry, Johnny get mad, but mostly angry
More Contoversial Than It Used To Be
Boston Accidents: Train & Trolley

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