Links 5/16/12

Links for you. Science:

OK Getting Serious Again
What your NSF dollar gets you: understanding of public opinion and technological spinoffs
When waiting is not an option
The Wisdom of Slime
Genetic determinism round-up


An open letter to the right wing in the wake of the passage of Amendment One in North Carolina (must-read)
Capitalists and Other Psychopaths
Charter Schools Association Is Using Taxpayer Money to Support ALEC’s Radical Agenda
“Will this question be on the course evaluation?”
BRB, going to murder someone in Norway… (Norway’s recidivism rate is also much lower than the U.S.’s)
Colin Powell Owes Us an Apology, Not Another Excuse
Derbyshire: ‘White Supremacist’ Is ‘Not Bad Semantically’
How the ‘war on women’ quashed feminist stereotypes
The Human Disaster of Unemployment
Anodyne Anonymity: Beware officials who hide behind the veil—and those who let them
Austerity geniuses
A Future Without Key Social and Economic Statistics for the Country
The Main Point

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