Links 4/18/11

Happy Patriots Day! Links for you. Science:
Ion Torrent Gives Its DNA-Sequencing Box A Boost
How the War on Science Works–And How to Respond
Better Template Prep for Ion Announced
Is Sugar Toxic?
Behind the Abortion War
Stephen Colbert Cracks Himself Up Over Walgreens’ Health Services
Does anyone in Silicon Valley care about Windows anymore?
The Republican Plan
Auto Draft
Cherishing Possessions and People
[Republican] Lindsey Graham Offers Stirring Defense of Government Spending: “Will Allow Us to Create Jobs”
9 Things The Rich Don’t Want You To Know About Taxes

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  1. SLC says:

    The article about Windows provides considerable amusement. I don’t necessarily disagree with it but to quote executives from VMWARE, that is one of the developers of software (VMWARE Player and Fusion) to allow Windows to run on Macs (the other developer being Parallels) is rather fine.

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